Phone Interpreting Services / Video Remote Interpreting

Phone Interpreting Services / Video Remote Interpreting


Phone Interpreting Services / Video Remote Interpreting


Looking for Phone and Video Interpreting Services to Connect with the World?

Well, Preferred Translation comes with a special division dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient live phone and video interpreting services. With continuous advancement in Internet and telecommunication services, real time over-the-phone interpretation services are becoming a reliable option for multi-lingual communications all across the globe.

What are Phone Interpreters and What exactly do they do?

Phone Interpretation services involve the process of rendering the meaning of conversation from one language to another. The interpreter uses appropriate terminology and understands common industry procedures and practices. It enables interpretation to happen anywhere in the world, anytime, making phone interpretation services feasible to many industries and individuals.

Phone interpreters help convey the content or conversations from one language to another quickly and accurately over the phone. It enables interpretation to happen anywhere in the world, anytime, making phone interpretation services feasible to many industries and individuals.

Preferred Translation ensures your customers will only be connected to interpreting professionals who are:

  • Qualified & Experienced to support specific industries
  • 100 % fluent in their supported language pairs
  • Bound by confidentiality agreements with medical interpreters always required to be HIPAA
  • At a minimum of 2 years’ in the field

Our professional interpreters are just a call away providing interpreter services for:

  • Legal matters
  • Immigration procedures
  • Medical Interpreting
  • Any General Concern
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Utilities
  • Government Insurance
  • Travel and Hospitality

Round the Clock Phone Interpreter Services for any Situation

Get instant access to the best phone interpreters at Preferred Translation. Our team of accredited professional phone interpreters is meticulously selected and well-trained in interpretation skills and specific industry practices to be head and shoulders above the rest in the business. Professional, accurate, and engrossed on complete and precise interpretation will provide you with the best interpreter services possible.

Each interpreter is pre-screened and validated with background checks to review their language proficiency, education, work experience,  professional certifications, and associations.

Our phone interpreter professionals make multilingual connections easy to connect with the world. At Preferred Translations, you not only find phone interpreting experts, but subject matter specialists specific for your industry or situation.

And with all of our service offerings, Preferred Translations strictly adheres to confidentiality and quality standards. Being one of the reputable interpreting agencies, Preferred Translations can help you:

  • Connect with a phone interpreter instantly
  • No up-front charges, or contracts
  • Excellent customer service for non-English speakers
  • Enhanced enterprise-wide communications
  • Pay only for the time you utilize, down to every second

At Preferred Translations, we understand that while you and your business have pre-defined goals, you also have budget restrictions. Therefore, we have put together our phone interpretation services such that it is not only easy to use but also is cost-efficient.  Call and connect now!

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