Certified Document Translation Services

Certified Document Translation Services


Certified Document Translation Services

Certified Translation Services: 

Are you familiar with Certified Online Translation Services? How do professional document translation services differ from a regular one?

Well, highly important documents come with high stakes! At Preferred Translation, you can reach out to a certified translator with a single click. Whether you require a certified translation for your university, a Spanish translator on your trip to Spain, notarized translation in the progress of a trial or case, business translation services or legal translation for traveling abroad, we are the certified translation company for you!

What is a Certified Translation Service?

A certified translation refers to a translated document together with a signed statement from the translator validating the completeness and accuracy of the translation. Sometimes the statement or document is also notarized by a notary public. And once a translation is certified, it becomes a legal record.

Professional document translation services usually assign certified translations only to their most experienced and qualified translators. At Preferred Translation, we have a team of certified translators to review the final translation before it gets certified. Eventually, it helps ensure utmost accuracy and quality.

Whether you live in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York or other parts of the US, you can avail our certified online translation services at fantastic rates.

Common uses of Certified Translation

Legal document translation services translate document online for the following reasons:

  • In legal procedures with government entities– When applying for a visa, getting a driver’s license and claiming public benefits
  • In Legal Proceedings– In legal cases of adoption, divorce and criminal cases.
  • Educational Institutions– When foreign candidates need to submit certified translations of their application documents, like diplomas, transcripts, etc.
  • Business Context– Certified translation is required for legal agreements and contracts with overseas suppliers and investors.

Our team members are certified language translators, offering comprehensive translations to and from over 150+ languages. The certified translators at Preferred Translation can manage a wide variety of materials:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical records
  • Financial records
  • Patent applications
  • Contracts and Affidavits
  • Marriage and Family

When you choose Preferred Translation as your professional document translation service, every translation you receive is subjected to our strict privacy policy with one aim in mind; safeguarding your confidential and sensitive information. Preferred Translations also comes with non-disclosure agreements at no additional charge. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee at work makes us one of the most trustworthy legal document translation services for those in the know.

We believe in maintaining long-term business relationships with numerous business clients that goes as far back as a decade!

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