Speak global! Round the Clock Interpreter Services for any Situation.

With all of our service offerings, Preferred Translation strictly adheres to confidentiality and quality standards. Being one of the reputable interpreting agencies, Preferred Translation can help you:

• Connect with a phone or video interpreter instantly

• No up-front charges, or contracts

• Enhanced enterprise-wide communications

• Pay only for the time you utilize, down to every second

Professional Translation Services & Interpreting Solutions

Certified Translation Services

Certified Document Translation Services

Certified Translation Services:  Are you familiar with Certified Online Translation Services? How do professional document translation services differ from a regular one? Well, highly important documents come with high stakes! At Preferred Translation, you can reach out to a certified translator with a single click. Whether you require a certified translation for your university, a Spanish translator on your trip to Spain, notarized…

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Professional document translation services

Phone Interpreting Services / Video Remote Interpreting

Looking for Phone and Video Interpreting Services to Connect with the World? Preferred Translation comes with a special division dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient live phone and video interpreting services. With continuous advancement in Internet and telecommunication services, real time over-the-phone interpretation services are becoming a reliable option for multi-lingual communications all across the globe. Our professional interpreters provide interpretation…

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Our Top Industries


Preferred Translation offers impeccable translation and interpretation services to private and government organizations from all industries. Here’s a list of some of our top industries.

It’s time you take your business with your non english speaking clients to the next level by choosing the right translation and interpretation services for your organization. Contact our team for a free quote and let us help you cross the language barrier!

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We understand that words are the most powerful and impactful force that has been bestowed upon humanity. They possess the power to change the world! No wonder – communication is the key to business and
personal success.

Since the beginning of time, man has been searching for new and better ways to communicate. Starting outfrom cave drawing, over the years, we have come a long way, developinga number ofever-evolving,
complex, beautiful, and highly expressive languages.

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Communication is the Basis of Community!

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With the advancements made in modern means of communication, the world has turned into a global village as better communication and understanding has ledall mankind to become a part of a single community. However, due to the diversity of languages, today, the only challenge is to translate and interpret words in one language to another. This is where Preferred Translation comes in!

Translation Services

Leap Over the Language Barrier


Our professional linguistics team of language experts understands the importance of accurate and timely communication. Therefore, with the goal to help organizations and their clients overcome the language barrier, we provide access to information required by the involved parties through accurately translated text and precise interpretations.

Whether you run a government organization, a private organization, or a small local business, Preferred Translation has solutions to all your translation and interpretation needs. Our services can help you build a better relationship and a deep understanding with your clients, leading you to achieve your organizational goals!

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