4 Benefits of Investing in Translation Services for Your Business

4 Benefits of Investing in Translation Services for Your Business


4 Benefits of Investing in Translation Services for Your Business

One of the easiest ways to increase business revenue is to expand and reach new market segments.

In a world with fewer geographical barriers than ever before, businesses can invest in translation services to connect with new audiences.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which translation services can benefit your business:

Business Credibility

You can use certified translation services to translate all your legal documents and ensure that your corporate message is consistent across all regions. These services are especially useful in a global marketplace that consists of people across many segments.

Giving language options to your customers makes them feel valued, enhances brand perception, and promotes engagement. Businesses are finally having two-way conversations with consumers through social media channels; engaging them in their preferred language makes it easier for them to communicate and provide feedback.

Expand to Other Regions

It’s simple; the more languages you offer, the more customers you get. Research shows that customers prioritize language over price and are more likely to buy products and services when offered in their preferred languages.

A Statista report published in 2019 showed that only 25.2% of the online users spoke English. Yet,the majority of websites on the internet are in English and don’t offer other language options.

Translating your website and social media pages can help you reach new customer segments that would not have purchased from your website earlier because they didn’t understand the content.

Increase Sales

Studies show that more than 60% of consumers in the US research products online before making a purchase online or in-store. Your website is the primary point-of-interaction for customers after they enter a search query.

A localized website is more efficient at promoting sales amongst users who speak other languages than a website with English content.

If your business is located in a country with a diverse population, consider offering language options on your website.

For e-commerce businesses, a website acts as a salesperson. When a salesperson speaks to customers in their language, they instantly get more comfortable and are more likely to make a purchase—a website with language options does just that.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are constantly looking for new ways to improve user experience; they understand the appeal of localized websites. Search engines prioritize multilingual websites over those that don’t offer language options, meaning your website’s rankings will improve significantly and give you the edge over the competition.

If you want to reach new market segments, it’s best to invest in website localization services.

Preferred Translation provides website localization services across the USA, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, and more. We can help your online business reach customers all over the globe! Get a free quote today.

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